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Being a member of Sheffield Amateur Radio Club

If you are thinking of becoming an amateur  Sheffield amateur radio club As a Member, then all our facility s are at your fingertips, you can use the radio shack 24/7 365 days a year and have the freedom of our site if you like, to us all of the radio equipment the club has, the club will  loan equipment from the club to any member if you have not got a radio has yet

As a  member, you get all this for equivalent to £2 a week, Our club also has the latest in  antenna on our  fields at our site our fields we do hire  out to other amateurs that would like to run events of their own,

The club also as   equipment that  others could use on our site  on their events 

Sheffield Amateur Radio Club Welcomes You

Enjoy your Radio  A trip on one of our events

Since opening in the 1920 , Sheffield Amateur Radio Club  has been proud to serve the Sheffield  community. We’re committed to not only providing a club where members and visitors can enjoy radio but see the fascinating world of amateur radio  we go above and beyond to ensure all are  visitors are completely satisfied with there visit . We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

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