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How the club is growing over the years

Enjoyment for all in 2023

our plans are to build a new club house 

All our members  not only Have the Clubs facility's at their disposal 24/7 365 days  pr year   to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for in a club . Sheffield Amateur Radio Club has a great membership  of experts ready to provide support and advice for any questions or special requests you may have,

The club is taking the Steps in 2023 to move into a new module building on our Club grounds, This would give the members of the club a new meeting room, Training room and three  new Radio shacks  along with our own car park. with an events field with our antenners on  

so feel free to give us a call if you need. more information , Our GB4HAM Communications unit that you see in the Photo this  is used for contests , and events its fitted out with  internet ready for streaming from any off our events that the club is involved in

Our Role as a club is to bring Radio and enjoyment to all. if you are thinking of getting your licence then we think our club is for you to enjoy this fascinating hobby. The club holds a Video night once a month along with talks about all things our club likes to get involved in, why not take a visit or call to see us at the club just for a chat if you are an amateur then we may have equipment that you may be interested in  


Looking forward to 2023

This is your Product Description for the next 2 year . The building will be on the lines of the building in this photo . It is a 6  modular   building will give our members a   New Meeting rooms with more space .Training Rooms with more facility's   4  new Radio rooms for satellite working .EME microwave SSTV , with in a new building.

Our club is thinking of  share this with other groups on room hire  with in the community we think this would help other  groups with their cost  



This is our QSL Card by Dave G6DCT 

john M0ONV with the 100 foot mast for field day

Our 80 ft  Trailer mast

Description. Here is our 80 foot trailer mast we us on field days . We had had some great days working the USA Canada and lots of Stations all around the world at SARC , If this is the club for you

we would like to see you at our club. the fields you see are in the photo are our antenna site , we rent this our to other amateurs with caravans or motor-homes  for if they would like to stay over at weekends on a radio weekend , if you are in a group and would like more information on any thing please contact us  

For more information about our club, get in touch with our club  today.

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