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Our  Event  Fields

Here at Sheffield Amateur radio club we have 2 old balling greens fields that we maintain at the club us for events, We open the  fields to other amateurs that would like to us our fields for events that they are thinking of doing, we allow caravans, motor-homes  that amateurs own to stay over on the fields at weekends for there events to enjoy radio or just days out 

or just to enjoy radio its a nice place to for some radio our site has a bar on site  that visitors can get a meal , if they would like to see some nice site around Sheffield its is not to fare away for our club in the peck district  park  

Visitors to our Site can book on the site by booking forms , if they wish they can us some of our antennas on site  or just install there own if they so wish, 


Inside GB4HAM Communications Unit


This unit is used for promoting the Club and Amateur Radio we have inside Radio and Streaming inside GB4HAM our streaming is located at the back of the unit. when we are at our events we stream live video of the members working the station to other amateurs around the world, this lets other amateurs see the event while we are chatting to them on the radio, we run a live chat on the stream as well for Q. A from our visitors to our channel so they can get to know things about our event on the day

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