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Inside GB4HAM Communications Unit

The GB4HAM is a Communications unit that we us for all of our fields day and event to promote amateur radio.

The unit is owned and run by Steve M1ERS along with our members . The Communications unit is  fully fitted out with most of the radios we us on the bands , if you would like to be apart of the team that is involved in this side of our hobby  please get in touch with us we are not just about amateur radio at the club you could be apart of this  

GB4HAM  is fitted with onboard generator , air operated mast for antennas  

Steve runs a you tube channel for promoting amateur radio along with the club , we do  Streaming from inside GB4HAM our streaming unit is located at the back of the unit with monitors to show our live stream to visitors that call and see the unit on our events  and   to the world wile we are promoting our hobby, learn more about GB4HAM


GB4HAM started its life as a Trailer the RSGB ran with the call of GB4FUN  , The Club won this as being a club that was active, after winning the trailer sarc ran it for about 2 years Then Steve M1ERS that was on the team from day one bought the unit from the club and  pulled it to events with his range rover, after a time Steve bought a 7,5 ton  Ford Cargo and fitted the Body from the trailer to the truck ,

Then Steve thought of the call sign of GB4HAM  as it is known as to this day, Steve has improved the unit as he has been doing events for the club this has become a very in portent part of promoting the amateur radio world for our club here in Sheffield and around the world, This is a great asset to the Members of the club and our hobby. Steve us this for our club as a mobile Radio shack and a   Demonstration  display  unit   at the club and out on events 

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